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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How often should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?

A:  The default recommendation is once every twelve months.

However, for those with moderate or severe asthma (or other health condition) we would recommend professional cleaning every six months.  If in doubt then monitor the symptoms, but do not wait until they become severe before calling us back. 

Mattresses in guest bedrooms may go for longer without being re-cleaned.  In any event we are always happy to show you the results of a one minute hygiene test, we don’t want to cause unnecessary expense! 

Q:  Does this work for old mattresses too?

A:  Yes!

In fact many people who were considering replacing their mattress find that they have several more years of good use as a result of the treatment.

Many old mattresses will become stained or acquire other cosmetic marks, but what’s important is that you sleep on a clean and healthy mattress.  Disposing of a mattress without good reason not only costs you money to replace but adds to landfill which is bad for the environment. 

Q:  Do you cure my allergies or asthma?

A:  No, but most allergy sufferers and asthmatics obtain considerable relief.

Approximately 85% of Asthmatics are allergic to the allergens in the excrement of the house Dust Mite and therefore obtain considerable relief. And whilst treatment will not cure Asthma, it may well prevent it. Recent research indicates that Asthma may be caused by allergens in mite excrement and that this excrement also crosses the placental barrier in pregnant women and therefore may cause Asthma in the unborn child.

Q:  Can I vacuum my own mattress?

A: Yes, but there are some other things you should be aware of:

You should use only vacuums with a HEPA filter system to keep the collected dust where it belongs, inside the vacuum, no matter if it is a portable or central vacuum. If you do not, and you are asthmatic, you could experience a severe attack.
Regular vacuums only use suction to pull out dirt and will actually bring the dirt close to the surface where it will clog up the fabric and remain trapped inside the mattress. This could make your symptoms far worse.
Your vacuum will not be as effective as our system is, because we use a combination of treatments including vacuum power, high frequency vibration and UVC radiation followed by treatment with our Mattress Hygiene Spray.

Q:  What is your Mattress Clean Spray and how does it work?

A:  Our Mattress Hygiene Spray is manufactured exclusively for us and is 100% chemical free. It is certified organic under EU regulation 2092/91 and is harmless to children and pets. The main active ingredients are Citrus Biocide and water. It has a rapid action against all classes of micro organisms in accordance with BS EN1276 and is effective against MRSA.

Q:  Do you clean mattresses in my home or take them away?

A:  Mattresses are cleaned in your home. 

This means we can remove any loose dust which may be present on the bed frame or divan base.  This service is included in the mattress cleaning price.

Q:  How soon can I make the bed after you have cleaned?

A:  The hygiene spray that we apply at the end of our cleaning process is very fine and dries in less than ten minutes, so beds may be made almost immediately.

Q:  What about the cleaning of pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and protectors?

A:  Ideally pillows, mattress toppers and protectors should be cleaned at the same time as the mattress to reduce the possibilities for cross-contamination.  Duvets may also be cleaned, but because they are above the body during sleep there will be much lower levels of contaminants present.  You may be able to clean mattress protectors yourself by washing at 60C or higher, but the most common labels we see on pillows is ‘Wash at 40C, don’t dry clean’.  Since dust mites do not die unless washed at 60C or above you may decide that our service does a better job.  Washing pillows is expensive (or rather drying them is) due to the energy costs incurred, and if not dried correctly the pillow filler may be subject to ‘clumping’.  Our pillow cleaning process is superior for high quality pillows because feathers or down that have become matted are separated and the pillow becomes more plumped up in feel and appearance. 

Q:  If I have an allergy to house dust but have a limited budget, what should my priorities be? 

A:  Priorities are determined by two factors, where you spend most of your time and the capacity of the objects you are in contact with to contain house dust, dust mites and other contaminants.  For everyone, the mattress that we spend a third of our lives lying on together with toppers and protectors and the pillows that support our heads are the most important.  For those who spend a lot of time on a sofa or armchair then these items of furniture are the next priority and our cleaning system works as well on these as on mattresses.  Duvets are a lower priority because being above our bodies they contain less dust.  Carpets may contain very high quantities of dust but under normal circumstances most will stay in the carpet rather than float in the air.  However, if you have young children who play on the carpets then these can be a higher priority due to the dust being in close proximity to their respiratory systems. 

Q:  What payment methods do you accept?

A: Payment may be made by cheque, cash or internet bank transfer. Payment is due on completion of the work and you will be provided with a Mattress Doctor invoice and receipt. 

Q:  Will you remind me when my mattresses or other items are due for re-cleaning?

A:  If you would like to be reminded we will contact you shortly before the recommended re-clean date.  At least one of the mattresses cleaned will have an easy-peel recommended re-clean date sticker attached in case you prefer to contact us yourself. 

Q:  Can I provide feedback on my experience of The Mattress Doctor service? 

A: Yes, your comments are highly valued and a feedback form with reply paid envelope will be provided on request. 


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