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We are a Dust Mite and Allergens Specialist  Mattress  Cleaning Service.
We do not remove stains from Mattresses

Our parents and grandparents recognised the need to clean mattresses so they carried them outside at least once a year and gave them a good beating.  They knew they were doing the right thing because of the clouds of dust that resulted, although they may not have been aware of what was in that dust.  Today we know that the particulate would have contained skin cells, live and dead dust mites and their droppings together with other contaminants which might include bacteria, viruses and mould or fungus spores.  We also know that the dust contains a number of harmful allergens that can cause or aggravate breathing conditions such as asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis and skin conditions such as eczema. 

Nowadays mattresses are heavier and thicker so it’s no longer practical to take them outside.  Even where it’s possible people feel they don’t have the time or have forgotten the need. 

In fact the need is greater than ever before due to the modern day indoor environment created by double glazing, central heating and the widespread use of fitted carpets in bedrooms and elsewhere.  Our discarded skin cells supply the dust mites with the food they need and our perspiration gives them a drink.  You could hardly design a better breeding environment! 

Fortunately the Mattress Doctor cleaning system not only replicates the job our grandparents did, but vastly improves on it.  Independent tests have shown that we remove very close to 100% of all contaminants. 

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Mattress Facts

Mattresses can become infested with insects whose droppings can trigger asthma attacks.

The average mattress has between 100,000 and ten million dust mites in it.

A two year old pillow can weigh 10% more than the day it was bought

Why Clean Your Mattress?
We spend about a third of our lives in bed so it’s hardly surprising that the mattress becomes the dirtiest object that we have close contact with.  Our skin cells pass though clean sheets like sand through a fishing net and collect in the mattress which acts as a reservoir of food for the dust mites and other micro-organisms that are in all of our homes.  After less than a year a brand new mattress will contain high levels of contaminants. 

During the night we move around during sleep on our comfortable and springy mattresses.  This movement releases the dust and allergens that enter our breathing systems and adhere to our skin. 

Even if you don’t have an allergy you will want to sleep in a really clean and hygienic bed! 

The Mattress Doctor cleaning system removes the cause of the problem.  The method is safe and efficient and does not use water, steam or potentially harmful chemicals.  Most mattresses are delivered without cleaning instructions but occasionally we see ‘Do not apply liquids or chemicals’.  The Mattress Doctor system complies with these principles. 

Please be aware that general domestic cleaning companies do not have access to our system.  Where they offer vacuuming type services only a small proportion of the contaminants will be removed from the mattress.  Worse still, where steam cleaning services are offered the mattress may take up to three weeks to fully dry causing mould and fungus spores to form.  Chemical residues may be retained within the mattress.  Your good health may be at risk and your mattress may be permanently damaged. 

Areas We Cover
We are located on the Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey border and provide mattress cleaning services throughout Surrey, Berks and Hants.  Our dust mite cleaning services are appreciated in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey and we have many repeat customers in these counties.

If you live in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey and are interested in mattress cleaning just give us a call for more information or to make a booking.  Even if you live outside of Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey we may still be able to help!

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